Kurds killed by Kurds in Syria


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As the destructive war between the rebel forces and that of the regime continues in Syria, violence seems to prevail across the northeastern area, where the Kurds form the majority of the population. 

The Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) −affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)− has constantly tried to impose its domination on several Kurdish areas in Syria through its armed forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG), especially after the forces of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad withdrew from these areas without any clashes, summer 2012.

The Kurdish city of Amude sees a remarkable presence of the YPG forces since few months, with claims to protect the residents from any attacks by the opposotion forces of the Free Syrian Army. However, the practices of the YPG against civilians and the installation of checkpoints at the entrances of most of Amude’s streets has considerably raised the people’s anger.

On Monday, June 17, 2013, the PYD’s armed forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) carried out a campaign of arrests against a number of prominent Kurdish activists in Amude city under the pretext that those activists are “drugs dealers”, while other activists in the city emphasized that those who the YPG have arrested are well-known civil activists who have organized many activities in Amude to support the pro-democratic movement in Syria. The action was followed by massive demonstrations in the city calling on the YPG forces to release the detained civil activists. However, the YPG didn’t respond and has reportedly threatened the demonstrators to return home or otherwise some actions would be taken against them.

On Thursday evening, June 27, activists reported that the YPG forces have opened fire against the peaceful demonstrators in the city, killing six of them, including Nadir Khallo, Saad Seyda, Rezan Qarno and Shekhi Ali, and injuring dozens. While the YPG’s political leadership, the PYD, reported that one of its fighters was killed by some “mercenaries” linked to the opposition.

The killing of the six demonstrators and injuring others led the majority of the Kurdish activists and politicians to condemn the YPG’s practices against their peers in Amude city.

Sources told ARA News that the YPG forces have prevented the residents from transferring the injured to the hospitals, as the forces closed the city’s entrances.

The Kurdish National Council (KNC) −a coalition of thirteen Syrian Kurdish parties− has strongly condemned the killing of peaceful demonstrators by the YPG fighters, and compared it to the way how Assad forces carried out violent crackdown against demonstrators in other cities in Syria. 

“We condemn the suppressive practices of the YPG against civilians, and we will cut all the relations with their political leadership, the PYD, after what happened in Amude,” Walat Oje, member of the Kurdish National Council (KNC), told ARA News on Thursday.

Among the different Kurdish political parties and organizations in Syria, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) is considered the only party that owns weapons and an armed force (or the Popular Protection Units YPG).

Some Syrian activists have sarcastically commented on the Thursday’s crackdown on the peaceful demonstrators in Amude city by saying: “The so-called Popular ‘Protection’ Units have turned into popular ‘suppressive’ units.”


By: Adib Abdulmajid

Source: ARA News


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