Turkish border guards torture a Syrian Kurd to death

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria– The Turkish border guards tortured a Kurdish civilian to death after arresting him on Thursday while trying to cross the Syrian-Turkish border illegally, near Darbasiyah city in Hasaka province. 

Ahmad Farho, a resident of Darbasiyah city, told ARA News that Mustafa Haj Ismail died under torture after being detained by Turkish border guards while trying to cross the border in order to resort to a Turkish hospital to receive medical treatment, as he was suffering from some health issues.

“The effects of torture were apparent on the victim’s body when it was found by residents near the border,” Ferho said. “The body was taken to Darbasiyah’s infirmary and was afterwards buried in the city’s graveyard.

Ismail’s (the victim) family confirmed that he died under torture in the Turkish detention after failing to cross the border for treatment. 

The suffering of Syrians who try to cross the border to Turkey is in increase, as they intend to seek medical treatment or escape violence. While others emigrate due to the deteriorating living conditions in Syria generally and the Kurdish areas particularly. However, many of them get beaten and humiliated when detained by Turkish border guards, while others lose their lives when Turkish guards open fire to prevent them from crossing.  


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News

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