More Syrian Kurds killed by Turkish border guards

ARA News

Kobane, Syria– A Kurdish young man from the city of Kobane was reportedly tortured to death by the Turkish border guards, after being arrested on Wednesday near the village of Saftik in the western countryside of Kobane while trying to illegally cross the borders into Turkey. 

Jiwan Mohammed Ali, 17, was arrested together with others by the Turkish border guards and were subjected to humiliation and torture, according to the cousin of the victim.

“Jiwan was apparently beaten on his head, which caused him a stroke. He died in a hospital in Gaziantep,” the cousin said.  

The corpse of Jiwan was delivered on Thursday to Syria’s Kobane city through the border crossing −which is open only for humanitarian conditions− and was buried in his hometown of Kharabsan in the eastern countryside of Kobane. 

According to reports, Turkish border guards subject those who try to cross the Turkish border illegally to torture and humiliation, and have on several occasions fired to scare people away from the border.

The last few months have seen similar incidents, especially in Kurdish areas. 

Alaa al-Din Qwass, a young man from Kobane city, was killed by Turkish border guards on the 14th of last March.

While Ahmad Farho from Darbasiyah city was tortured to death after being detained by the guards near Darbasiyah in February 2014. Farho was intending to seek medical treatment in Turkey. 

Reporting by: Rozbihan Saeed 

Source: ARA News

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