Syrian National Coalition elects new leader


Hadi al-Bahra, president of the Syrian National Coalition

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – The Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and the Opposition (SNC) elected on Wednesday evening Hadi al-Bahra as head of the SNC and Abdul Hakim Bashar as his deputy.

Talking to ARA News, Walid al-Omari, one of the candidates for the coalition’s presidency, said that he did not win the presidency because he represents “the voice of the peasants, workers, students, the wounded, the orphans and the homeless people”, while the second candidate for the presidency, Mwaffaq Neirabiyeh, published on his Facebook page that the reasons for not winning this seat are ‘political’, without giving any details.

Al-Omari emphasized that Hadi al-Bahra won because most of the political blocs within the coalition supported him, saying that al-Jarba (former SNC leader), al-Bahra and al-Jamus (leading members of the coalition) are one team, therefore the Staff bloc, led by al-Jarba elected Bahra. The councils bloc led by the al-Sabbagh also elected Bahra as well as the Patriotic Movement, led by Imad al-Din Rashid.

“In addition, a large part of the split Democratic List which, led by prominent opposition figure Michel Kilo, elected al-Bahra as well as the Kurdish National Council (KNC),” al-Omari told ARA News.

The General Committee of the Syrian National Coalition elected Hadi al-Bahra as head of the coalition during a meeting before dawn on Wednesday, with 62 votes out of 104, while 41 votes went for his rival Neirabiyeh and 3 votes for Walid al-Omari.

In the same context, Abdul Hakim Bashar (the KNC representative) gained 69 votes, so he’s gained the position of the coalition’s deputy, while the Secretary-General remains vacant as no candidate gained more than 50%, so there will be re-election to the post of Vice President and Secretary General, according to the Coalition-linked Media Office.


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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