Poetry and Music.. revival of Kurdish culture in Syria


Kurdish residents of Syria's Qamishli demonstrate in Kurdish cultural dress. File photo

ARA News

Amude, Syria – Following two months of inactivity at the Kemal Derwish Center for Culture in the city of Amude in northeast Syria, a musical and poetical evening was held in the center on Friday.

Poet Hussein Ahmad read a collection of mixed verses in both Kurdish and Arabic languages as a new style of reading poetry.

Speaking to ARA News, Ahmad said: “The verses expressed the ‘miseries and tragedies Kurds have gone through’.”

Before dozens of attendants, Shermola musical band presented some songs during the event.

Poet Ahmad pointed out that such an activity is aimed to promote the Kurdish culture among the youth in Amude, “after decades of suppression this culture suffered in the light of Assad rule in Syria”.

According to Ahmad, Syria Kurds gained some freedom during the uprising to revive their culture through holding literary and musical activities.

“We need to teach our children the love of homeland in order to guarantee a better future for our culture and maintain our Kurdish identity,” he told ARA News.

One of the musicians in Shermola band told ARA News: “Music and singing are the easiest ways to deliver ideas to your audience, which is our readiness to serve our cause and home, Kurdistan, with our instruments.”

Kemal Darwish Center is one of the active forums in Amude and other predominantly Kurdish areas, established after the withdrawal of Syrian regime’s security forces from the region.


Reporting by: Ferman Hussein

Source: ARA News

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