IS headquarters in Raqqa bombed by Syrian air force, dozens killed


An Islamic Court in ISIS-held Raqqa city. File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – The Syrian air force launched on Sunday several raids against strongholds of the Islamic State (IS) in the northern city of Raqqa.

Dozens of IS militants were reportedly killed in Sunday’s attacks. The air strikes launched by the Syrian warplanes also claimed lives of civilians, local sources reported.

“At least 15 civilians were killed and dozens injured in Raqqa, as the air strikes targeted some populated neighbourhoods in the city,” said Farouk al-Ghajar, media activist based in Raqqa.

Speaking to ARA News, al-Ghajar said that the pro-Assad air force targeted the buiding of Military Justice Branch, which was known as IS main headquarters in Raqqa city.

“The IS-held building (of Military Justice) was recently turned into a detention center, where hundreds of journalists, politicians and media activists were held, and the bombardment of the building caused casualties among the detainees too,” al-Ghajar reported.

The second main location hit by Syrian air force in Raqqa was the building of the Political Security. According to activists, the building was taken by IS and turned into an Islamic Court.

“The death toll in the ranks of IS group was not accurately verified, but it exceeded 20,” al-Ghajar told ARA News. “We could not know the accurate numbers of the death toll, because of the security siege imposed by IS on both headquarters,” he said.

These developments coincided with a similar aerial bombardment in the city of Tabqa in the northern countryside of Raqqa, killing 8 civilians and wounding several others, amid clashes between IS militants on the one hand, and the pro-regime forces entrenched in the military Airport of al-Tabqa on the other hand.


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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