ISIL headquarters in Syria’s Kobane bombed


ARA News

Kobane, Syria – Within the scope of its operations against headquarters of the Islamic State (IS/ISIL) in Syria, the U.S.-led international coalition targeted last night locations of IS militants in the vicinity of the Kurdish city of Kobane, northern Syria.

Locals told ARA News in Kobane that gatherings of IS group in the southern and western countrysides of Kobane were bombed by the U.S.-led air strikes.

“The international coalition’s warplanes launched strikes against the main headquarters of IS extremists in the villages of Qara Moog, Rufi and Saftik,” a media activist in Kobane told ARA News, under the condition of anonymity.

Conversely, the Islamic State’s militant fighters reportedly demanded villages of the countryside of Kobane to either join their ranks or leave the area.

“They demanded we take up arms and defend their Caliphate, but we refused and preferred to leave,” Mohammed Mijjo, a displaced man from Kobane, told ARA News at the Turkish border.

According to Mijjo, IS militants demanded the villagers of Poraz, al-Qibba, Zerkotik, al-Qanaya, Tel Ahmar and Tel Abar to join the fight.

“The majority of people left their villages in the countryside of Kobane and crossed the border into Turkey escaping IS threats,” Mijjo said. “I would rather get killed than being obliged to join those terrorists and fight against my own people.”


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News

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